Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inspiring Painting of Resurrection

This was sent to me by a dear friend, Doug Holt.

Dozens of Metal Plates Found in Jordan

Dozens of metal plates have been found in Jordan.  If authenticated they may be a find more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls.  For more information click here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tracting Miracle

Sometimes, in addition to the timing,  blessings come with such a unique combination of circumstances that it becomes very clear they are from the Lord.  Here is a remarkable example of what I mean.  The following story was shared with me by Elder Robert R. Steuer, one of my colleagues in the Second Quorum of the Seventy.   Some years ago, he served as mission president in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It was his practice with newly arriving missionaries to give them real missionary experiences on their very first day as full-time proselyting missionaries.  To do this, after their orientation and a dinner at the mission home, they would be sent out that evening with their assigned companions.  The seasoned missionary would take the new missionaries out either tracting, street contacting, or giving discussions.
In one of the groups of new missionaries, there was a Brazilian elder who came from the far north of Brazil.  It took this missionary about three days travel by bus just to reach the MTC in Sao Paulo for his initial training.  On that first evening, after having a good meal, President Steuer announced that the new missionaries would then go out and do missionary work.  This new missionary’s companion decided they would go tracting, a frightening experience for this shy new elder.  The senior companion said he would take the first door and told his companion to watch closely how it was done as the second door would be his.  
The  young elder protested, saying he was too frightened, but his companion proceeded to the first door.  When this young elder knocked on the second door, the senior companion stepped back and indicated for him to proceed.  He shrank back.  When the door opened, to the young elder’s utter astonishment, the person standing there was his older sister.  She had run away from home three or four years earlier.   The family had not heard from her since and had no idea where she was, or even if she was still alive.  One can imagine the sweetness of that reunion and the tears of joy that were shed that night.
As he concluded this story, Elder Steuer said two things that deeply impressed me and made the point I’m trying to make.   He said, 'Not only was his sister one of the first nonmembers he contacted in the mission field, but she became his first convert baptism as well.   Then he added, “ As you think about that, Elder Lund, remember at that time there were between thirteen and fourteen million people in Sao Paulo!”
Elder Gerald N. Lund

Used by Permission of  Elder Gerald Lund and Deseret Book
Divine Signatures, the Confirming Hand of God
Deseret Book, 2010, pgs 18-20

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Carl Bloch Exibition

For those who live in the Salt Lake/Provo area I highly recommend going to the BYU  Art Museum to view the Carl Bloch Art Exhibit.  I was very touched by the spirit of his art.  For information about the exhibit click here.