Sunday, July 22, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Epistle to the Brethren Abroad

1.  What condition did the Prophet say the world was in?  pages 47-48

2.  What is one of our choicest gifts?  page 49

3.  How do the laws of God differ from the laws of men?  page 50

4.  What do we learn about mans' understanding of God what man must learn?  page 51

5.  What do we learn about the laws of God from the Prophet's hypothetical king found on pages 52-53?

6.  What has God prepared for us that we can inherit His presence?  page 54

7.  What would happen if there were no laws?  page 55

8.  What is the purpose of our existence?  page 56-57

9.  Why did God instruct man to form wise and wholesome laws?  page 57

10. Why did God accept Abel's sacrifice and reject Cain's?  pages 58-59

11. What did Abel have to understand in order to offer and acceptable sacrifice?  page 59

12. What was Abraham's relationship with the gospel and Christ?  pages 60-61

13. What did the Prophet teach about the revelations in the Bible?  page 61

14.  What did the Prophet teach about the parable in Matthew 22?  pages 63-66

15. What happens to a person who is apostate?  pages 66-67

16.  What do men frequently forget?  page 68

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Calling and Election/Second Comforter

1.  What did Paul know was laid up for him when he died?  page 63

2.  What question did Joseph ask the saints about their own crown?  page 64

3.  How is the Church of the Firstborn mentioned?  page 64

4.  How will those admitted to the wedding feast be clothed?  page 65

5.  How do we receive the same promises that the ancients had?  65

6.  What is the "earnest of our inheritance" mentioned in Ephesians 1:14?  page 149

7.  What are the two comforters?  pages 149-151

8.  What is the purpose of the second comforter?  page 151

9.  What is the secret and the grand key?  pages 297-299

10. What is the "more sure word of prophecy?"  pages 298, 303

11.  What were the three rounds of Jacob's ladder?  page 305

12.  What is salvation?  page 305

13.  What are the three grand secrets or keys in 2 Peter 1?  pages 304-306

14.  What did Joseph beseech the saints to do?  page 366

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - The Endowment

1.  What must the Saints not look for in order to be endowed?  page 91

2.  Why is the endowment necessary?  pages 91 - 92

3.  Who will best understand the endowment?  page 237

4.  What does the endowment prepare the endowed for?  page 237

5.  What else does the endowment prepare the endowed for.  page 274

6. What is absolutely necessary to save a person?  see pages 274-275

7.  How must one go about saving their loved ones?  pages 362 - 363, 366.