Thursday, July 23, 2009

Abrahamic Covenant (Part 5)

In an earlier post (July 9) I presented the concept of "HESED" a Hebrew word which depicts a very close and loving relationship between two people. This is the relationship that the Savior wants us to have with him and he with us (see Hosea 6:6). To have this relationship we need to have the Savior foremost and constantly in our thoughts. As he said to the Prophet Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery, "Look to me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."

It is also pointed out in the scriptures that the Savior considers his relationship with us as a marriage covenant. Each party is to have the other preeminent above all other people, things, objects, etc., in the relationship.

The relationship that we have with our spouse should be patterned after our relationship with the Savior and should include "HESED." Our spouse is to be preeminent in our lives above all others. We are sealed to each other in the Abrahamic Covenant which allows us the power to do the same thing that God does - create life in our own image and likeness. This power that we have together makes us more like God than any other power. It is imperative that children be brought through the veil into a loving and secure relationship between a husband and wife. President Spencer W. Kimball explained the priority that a husband and wife should have for each other,

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thebybeebrief said...

President Norman Thank you!
Something so important that can be forgotten through the busyness of life this was great for me and my wife to read together. Hope you and Sister Norman are doing well.
Thanks D.J. Bybee