Saturday, November 28, 2009

Follow The Prophet

On the right side of this blog under good sites you will find four more sites:  Follow The Prophet; Connor's Conundrums; Visions of the Kingdom; and Believe All Things.

There is a new website entitled "Follow the Prophet" by Brad and Bryce Haymond.  The following is a clip from their site:

Today we are pleased to formally announce the launch of the website.  This site’s mission is to help members of the Church follow the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by collecting all the news, talks, speeches, devotionals, dedications, interactions, and activities he does and posting links to those things in one central location.  This way members of the Church may more easily learn more about the prophet, and his ongoing counsel to us, as well as his daily example.  A more comprehensive introduction can be read on the About page, as well as short bios of the founders of the site.
Much of the news about the prophet comes from his travels around the world as he visits the members of the Church, and dedicates temples.  Because of this, many of the posts will follow a similar format.  The prophet’s location will be noted, as well as the date he was there.  Links to news stories and reports on his visits will be included, as well as the transcripts of any talks he gives.  Short snippets of things he said or did will also be included.  Please note that we will only post about the prophet’s activities some time after he has visited a location, unless it is a scheduled event, so there is absolutely no security concern for the prophet.
A Global Map is also included on the site.  This will show markers at all the locations we have noted.  Clicking on these markers will show the dates when the prophet was there, with a link to the post on the site which describes his visit there.
You can “follow the prophet” in several ways – Twitter, RSS feed, by email, or Facebook.  Use whichever way is most comfortable to you.
We hope that this site is useful to you, and helps you follow in the footsteps of our beloved prophet, learn more about him, and his words to us.  It may be particularly fun to use as a teaching aide with your young children, to help them learn more about President Monson, and what he has been doing recently.


MARTHA said...

I'm on it. I've added this link to my sidebar. Thank you!

Reflections said...

I am SO grateful for a living prophet as well as past prophets. When I recently read Ether 11-15, in the Temple these words & concepts specifically stuck out:

king after king chose wickedness

prophets came to ask them to repent; choose to come to the Lord; testify of destruction...

they reject the words of the prophets; choose rebellion

prophets mourn; withdraw

anger ensues; war after war

Christ shows mercy on those who repent

These scriptures clearly show satan's influence v. Christ's love, & how powerful the word of God is thru Prophets. Pres. Monson's latest talk to the Priesthood on anger is clearly shown in these chapters. It was anger that motivated them to slaughter each other like they did:,5232,23-1-1117-21,00.html