Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pearl of Great Price Class

The Pearl of Great Price Class begins on Thursday, January 7, at the Granite Stake Tabernacle, at 2005 South 900 East, in Sugar House. The class starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. Parking is usually sparse as some semesters classes are very large, so come early. The texts are the scriptures and the Institute Pearl of Great Price Manual. The manual can be purchased at the Distribution Center. 

You can register by phone at: (801) 422-8925 or
You can register online at:, Then go to Adult Religion Classes then to: For a current list of classes by Stake (in red), then to: Salt Lake County, then to: Salt Lake Granite Stake Robert J. Norman $22.50 register online now.


Anonymous said...

Any chance there will be a Utah County meeting place with a video connection to the Granite Building in SLC? Lots of us in Utah County in three different Stakes in Lindon are hoping this might be possible. We have many people that would be able to attend if it is accessable in Utah County.

A. Reitano said...

Re: Pearl of Great Price class. Will there ever be an opportunity for you to stream line these lectures online for those of us who live south (St. George)? A friend of mine who is now on a senior mission in Mexico City, raved about your classes. Access to these types of classes in our area are few and far between for adults.

Thank you for your website/blogs

Bob and Carol Norman said...

Neil Carlyle, in charge of continuing education, is in the process of making some phone calls to check out the feasibility of having an internet connection to broadcast the class. They have done an audio broadcast for one class in Northern Utah. It seems that the challenge is having someone in the area receiving the broadcast that knows the technology. In the case of the Northern Utah class they had a member that worked for the phone company that knew how to hook up to receive the class at the stake center.