Thursday, May 24, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Adam

1.  What did Adam do three years before his death?  pages 38-40

2.  What was Adam's pre-earth name and title?  What is his title as he presides at Adam-ondi-Ahman?  pages 38-39

3.  What is Tower Hill and Spring Hill?  page 122  (Just for interest Spring Hill in Hebrew is Tel Aviv)

4.  When did Adam receive the priesthood?  page 157

5.  What is the grand council that Adam will preside over.  This is mentioned on pages 157 - 158?

6.  What is the stewardship that must be accounted for at this meeting?  page 158

7.  Who is the high priest next to Christ in authority over the earth?  page 158

8.  Why did Adam take his children into the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman and bless them?  page 159

9.  To whom was Christ first revealed and through whom does the revelation of Christ come?  page 167-168

10.  Who directs the angels?  Who taught Paul?  pages 168-170

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