Sunday, July 15, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Calling and Election/Second Comforter

1.  What did Paul know was laid up for him when he died?  page 63

2.  What question did Joseph ask the saints about their own crown?  page 64

3.  How is the Church of the Firstborn mentioned?  page 64

4.  How will those admitted to the wedding feast be clothed?  page 65

5.  How do we receive the same promises that the ancients had?  65

6.  What is the "earnest of our inheritance" mentioned in Ephesians 1:14?  page 149

7.  What are the two comforters?  pages 149-151

8.  What is the purpose of the second comforter?  page 151

9.  What is the secret and the grand key?  pages 297-299

10. What is the "more sure word of prophecy?"  pages 298, 303

11.  What were the three rounds of Jacob's ladder?  page 305

12.  What is salvation?  page 305

13.  What are the three grand secrets or keys in 2 Peter 1?  pages 304-306

14.  What did Joseph beseech the saints to do?  page 366

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