Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn

Here is an outstanding video and warning to America by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.  He is a Messianic Jew - meaning he has converted to Jesus Christ as his Savior and the Messiah.  I love these converted Jews because they bring to us a unique view of the Old Testament.  I have his book, The Harbinger.  However if you watch the first 50 minutes of this video you will not need to read the book.  There are way too many incidents involved in 9/11 associated with Isaiah 9:10 to be  a coincidence.  He makes a powerful case that 9/11 was meant to be a wake up call to America to return to God.  Isaiah 9:10 is a negative scripture meant to defy the God of Israel and the curse that He had placed on them because they were turning from Him. 

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A Jones said...

Read the book a few months blew my mind. Told Brian, my parents, and sisters all about it. Fascinating read!