Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malachi Prepares Us For Christ's Coming (Part 3)

(Draper Temple pictured above)
As we are reviewing Malachi's promise that the Lord will suddenly come to his temple, I am reminded of special occasions that are associated with temples and for which we need special spiritual preparation. One such occasion is Solemn Assemblies. The first Solemn Assembly held in the Kirtland Temple was an occasion where some of those present beheld the Savior and others saw angels. Solemn Assemblies are held for various reasons, however, the very title points our minds to the fact that something special is taking place. For those who are interested click here for an article on Solemn Assemblies that I wrote for the Ensign in 1988. Also, associated with temples is the sacred Hosanna Shout. The first Hosanna Shout was also performed in the Kirtland Temple. Some of us were privileged, last Sunday, to attend the dedicatory services of the new Draper Temple and participated in the spiritual experience of the Hosanna Shout. Every time I participate in this holy event it brings tears to my eyes as I give praise to my God and the Savior. Click here for more information on this sacred event. President Uchtdorf gave a short summary of the Hosanna Shout as he was demonstrating how to perform the shout properly.

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