Sunday, October 4, 2009

Impact of the Gift of the Holy Ghost

 In harmony with some of the great talks at General Conference here is a quote from Elder Parley P. Pratt and the impact of the Holy Ghost:

The gift of the Holy Spirit adapts itself to all these organs or attributes. It quickens all the intellectual faculties, increases, enlarges, expands and purifies all the natural passions and affections; and adapts them, by the gift of wisdom, to their lawful use. It inspires, develops, cultivates and matures all the fine-toned sympathies, joys, tastes, kindred feelings and affections of our nature. It inspires virtue, kindness, goodness, tenderness, gentleness and charity. It develops beauty of person, form and features. It tends to health, vigor, animation and social feeling. It develops and invigorates all the faculties of the physical and intellectual man. It strengthens, invigorates, and gives tone to the nerves. In short, it is, as it were, marrow to the bone, joy to the heart, light to the eyes, music to the ears, and life to the whole being.

(Parley P. Pratt, Key to the Science of Theology/A Voice of Warning [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1965], 101.)


Lee said...

Key to the Science of Theology is one of my all-time favorite books (in the top ten easily). I love the way Brother Parley describes the Holy Ghost!

MARTHA said...

I agree because I have experienced it. I don't think you can understand this impact from the Holy Ghost unless you have experienced it. It is incredible.

Greg Nelson said...

I love this quote, it has been hanging on my board at work for several years. I never get tired of reading it.

Reflections Over Daily Ponderings ~ "B.O.M. Blog" (JCC) said...

This is just so true!