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The Temple as a place to receive promised blessings

Doctrine and Covenant section 109 is the revealed dedicatory prayer of the Kirtland Temple.

D&C 109:10–60 . Securing the Promises Given in Revelation

The Prophet Joseph Smith asked the Lord that the Saints receive the blessings promised to them in various revelations already given:

1. That God’s glory would rest upon His people and upon the Kirtland Temple (see D&C 109:12–13 ).

2. That those who worship in the temple would be taught properly (see v. 14 ).

3. That the people would “grow up” in the Lord, receiving a fulness of the Holy Ghost ( v. 15 ).

4. That the house of God would be all it was meant to be with no unclean thing permitted therein (see vv. 16–20 , which are paraphrased from D&C 88:119–20 ).

5. That when the Saints transgressed, they would return quickly to the Lord (see v. 21 ).

6. That His servants could go forth armed with power and protected by the angels to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth (see vv. 22–23 ).

7. That He would establish His people forever against all the enemies who fight against them (see vv. 24–33 ).

8. That their sins would be forgiven (see v. 34 ).

9. That the powers of Pentecost would come upon them (see vv. 35–37 ).

10. That the servants of God would have the power of the covenant and bear testimony of it throughout the world (see vv. 38–44 ).

11. That the servants of God would be delivered from the calamity of the wicked and the judgments that are promised (see vv. 45–49 ).

12. That the Lord would have mercy on the nations of the earth, softening their hearts to prepare them for the gospel message (see vv. 54–58 ).

13. That stakes of Zion would be appointed so the gathering might roll forth (see v. 59 ). (Adapted from Sperry, Compendium, pp. 593–96.)

(Doctrine and Covenants Institute Student Manual pp. 271-272)

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