Friday, June 1, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Angels

1.  What will not have happened before the destroying angel starts his work?  page 87

2.  What role do the angels play in preparing for the second coming?  pages 100 - 101

3.  What has already commenced concerning angels?  page 102

4.  Who are some of the angels that the Lord will send  page 159

5.  What did the Prophet Joseph Smith say about angels with wings?  page 162

6.  What is the difference between an angel and a ministering spirit?  page 191

7.  Who has ascendancy over angels?  page 312

8.  What do we know about the four destroying angels?  page 321 and D&C 77:8-9


Brenda said...

Brother Norman,
An acquaintance of mine, I have listened to at a few of his Firesides and read his books,
asked about the scriptural/apostolic references to "Satan not being able to imitate peace" which is the domain of the Lord through the Holy Ghost in his blog
I know you taught that in more than once in the many years I attended your Adult Institute classes. Could you point out those references and I will forward that information on to John Pontius at

Thanks, Brenda

Bob and Carol Norman said...

How To Develop the Gift of Discernment, LDS Church News, 1995, 11/18/95
His Spirit is always one of warmth, peace and joy, a feeling of "rightness." Satan cannot counterfeit this peace and warmth, but his temptations come with a dark, confused, anxious or fearful feeling. The Lord's spirit of love casts these out. The more we practice hearing and obeying the Spirit in our lives, the more we can discern the spirit in anything we read, hear, see or do as being good or evil. The main principle by which we can discern is to always do that which will be edifying, uplifting and beneficial to our Father's children in bringing them back home to Him.-Hollye Holmquist, Lancaster, Calif.