Friday, June 8, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - The Constitution of The United States

1. What is the political motto of the Church?  page 117

2.  What is considered a heavenly banner?  The Prophet made a list of powerful spiritual/scriptural  blessings, what was included in this list?  pages 147-148

3.  Did the Prophet consider the Constitution to be law?  page 278

4.  What power do the people have under the Constitution?  page 278-279

5.  What was the one fault that the Prophet saw in the Constitution?  page 326

6.  What would the Prophet like to have seen added to the Constitution?  page 327

7.  Why was the Prophet willing to run for president of the United Stakes  page 331-332

8.  What was the Prophet willing to sacrifice to maintain the laws and the Constitution of the United States?  page 332

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