Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Second Coming

1.  What are some of the signs to look for before the second coming?  page 160

2.  Who will be calling for the rocks to fall upon them?  page 160

3.  What must happen to men's hearts to prepare them for the second coming?  page 160

4.  What did Joseph see men doing to their own sons?  page 161

5.  Who will be followed from city to city?  page 161

6.  Will the saints escape all the judgments?  page 162

7.  What are some of the things that must be accomplished before the second coming?  pages 286-287

8.  What did Joseph say about the rainbow in relation to the second coming?  pages 305, 340-341

9.  What must happen before one can see the sign of the coming of Christ?  pages 279-280

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