Thursday, October 4, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Zion

1.  Where will the City of Zion be built that was spoken of by David in Psalm 102?  page 17

2.  Where should one flee to escape the overflowing scourge?  page 17

3.  What law must one enter into in order to become a legal heir of Zion?  pages 22-23

4.  At the Prophet Joseph Smith's time to what units were the bishops assigned?  page 24

5.  Where should the persecuted saints flee?  page 37

6.  In which two locations will deliverance be found?  pages 70-71

7.  What were some of the early saints' mistakes in building Zion?  page 80

8.  Who is to work together to build up Zion?  page 84

9.  What is the common cause and who is responsible to bring it about?  pages 231-232

10.  What must be purged out before Zion can roll forth?  pages 254 see also D&C 56:18; 100:16; 101:18

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jessica rogers said...

I found this cool quote in The coming of the Lord by Gerald Lund written in 1971.
He quotes President David o. McKay from 1935
"If we have in mind the physical Zion, then we must strive for more fertile acres; bring from the mountains gold and silver in abundance; found factories to furnish more employment; extend in length and width our concrete public highways; build banks to protect or to dissipate, as has been the case recently, the wealth we accumulate; transform our vast coal fields into electricity that will furnish light, heat and power to every family; improve the means of communication until with radio in our pockets we may communicate with friends and loved ones from any point at any given moment. Is it these physical phases of Zion which we are to build? Certainly it is difficult to picture the City of Zion without at least some- if not all- such modern necessities and luxuries." It appears to build zion we are going to need cell phones.