Sunday, October 21, 2012

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith - The King Follett Discourse (Part 2)

1.  Why must we comprehend the character of God before we can comprehend ourselves?  page 243

2.  If Joseph Smith brings us a knowledge of God what will we then know about him?  page 345

3.  What is the great secret about God in this discourse?  page 345

4.  Where did God once dwell?  page 346

5.  How are we to become Gods?  page 346

6.  What happens when you go from exaltation to exaltation?  page 347

7.  What process did the Savior follow to progress? pages 347-348

8.  How is God exalted?  page 348

9.  What did Joseph teach about the council in the creation story?  pages 348-352

10.  What is the real name for James?  page 349

11.  What did the prophet teach about the immortality of the spirit?  pages 352-354

12.  What did God do for those spirits that were around him?  page 354

13.  To what part of our makeup do revelations come?  page 355

14.  How are we viewed by God when he instructs us?  page 356

15.  Who can be saved?  pages 356-357

16.  Can you commit the unpardonable sin in the spirit world?  page 357

17.  What is hell?  page 357

18.  What was the contention is heaven?  page 357

19.  Define a son of perdition.  page 358

20.  Which kingdom of glory will King Follett be assigned?  page 359

21.  What correction did the prophet make in Hebrews 6:1-3?  page 360

22.  Did anyone really know the Prophet Joseph Smith?  page 361

23.  Does God have a father?  pages 369-370

24.  Explain 1 Corinthians 8:5.  pages 370-371

25.  What does "Eloheim" mean?  pages 372

26.  From what document did the Prophet learn about intelligences?  page 373

27.  How did the Savior and the Prophet use John 10:30-36?  pages 374-375

28.  What mus a true religion have?  page 375

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