Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - God, Godhead

1.  What does God see and know?  page 19

2.  What should we not take to the Lord in our prayers?  page 22

3.  What happens to us the nearer we come to god?  page 51

4.  Why does God give us laws to live by?  page 54

5.  What does it take to truly understand the things of God?  page 137

6.  What must we be like to go where God is?  page 216

7.  How does God view us?  page 218

8.  What do we learn about God from this statement about God on page 257 under the heading Men Are Judged According to Their Deeds?  page 257

9.  Anyone who has seen into heaven know what fact about the Godhead?  pages 311-312

10. Joseph says that he has always declared this doctrine about the Godhead.  page 370

11.  How much has God seen and how does he view us?  page 220; 356

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