Sunday, August 5, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Government of God

1.  What are the designs of God?  page 248

2.  In mans' attempt to govern, what has he failed to do?  page249

3.  What will happen when Christ take the reigns of government?  pages 250-251

4.  How did Abraham govern his family and to what degree was God involved?  pages 251-252

5.  What two factions of government are joined when God governs?  page 252

6.  What is necessary to bring about the restoration of all things?  page 252

7.  What great event will begin the change to where all nations, kindred, tongues, and peoples will serve and obey God?  page 253  (see also Daniel 7:9-22 for the events of Adam-ondi-Ahman)

8.  How are we to be wise according to Joseph's counsel?  page 253

9.  Who should be purged out of our midst?  page 254

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