Sunday, August 19, 2012

Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith - Letter to Editor Seaton

1.  What did the Prophet behold when he viewed our Christian land?  page 13

2.  What did he feel it was "high time" that the Christian world did?  page 14

3.  Joseph stepped forth into the field to tell the Christian world what two things>  page 14

4.  What was the Lord now doing with the remnants of his people and with the gentiles?  pages 14-15

5.  What happened with the Jews and Gentiles in relationship with the covenant that the Lord tried to give them?  pages 14-15

6.  Because of apostasy, what has the Lord withdrawn from the earth?  page 16

7.  How can one escape the judgments that are to come?  page 16

8.  What did the Prophet Joseph Smith say that we learned from the Book of Mormon?  page 17

9.  What did the Prophet prophesy about the United States?  pages 17-18

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