Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anointing as a Type of Christ (Sacred Sites Part 2)

As pointed out in the previous posting, God is moving us to conform to the image of his son, Christ being the ultimate model for each of us (JST Romans 8:29-30). Christ is known as the anointed one. The Lord commanded Moses to anoint all of the parts of the Tabernacle including Aaron and his sons (Exodus chapters 30 and 40). By so doing each item anointed becomes a type of Christ or one who is anointed. The anglicized form of the Hebrew word for anoint is MESSIAH, and the anglicized form of the Greek word for anoint is CHRIST. So in English the term is Anointed One, in Hebrew it is Messiah, and in Greek it is Christ.

The Tabernacle and its appurtenances becomes, in a manner of speaking, a model of the body of Christ. In this posting we will look at the altar of sacrifice. It makes sense to anoint the altar of sacrifice because we know that it represents the sacrifice of Christ, thus it typifies him (the anointed one). Adam learned from the angel that visited him at the altar of sacrifice that it was a similitude of Christ who is full of grace and truth (Moses 5:5-8). In the next posting we will look at some of the possible lessons learned from the law of sacrifice.

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