Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pre-Mortal Life (Part 7) final post in this series on pre-mortal life.

Dear Family and Friends, this video teaches the importance of our pre-mortal life in relation to this life. No one teaches it clearer than these leaders. Please spend the three and one half minutes needed to watch this inspiring video.


Gregg said...

Thank you Dr Norman for this information. It puts such a great perspective on what exactly it is that we are about. Myself, as well as so many other members of the Church, take these truths so lightly as to make them ineffective in our lives. Thanks for the wake up call. Gregg Sheppard

J Rogers said...

I really miss some of the prophets who have died. When I was young I got to see and hear President Benson speak at Valley Forge. It was a wonderful experience. Because of the death threats he had received the Elders stood shoulder to shoulder to protect him as he left. As he was leaving I yelled "We love you President Benson." I was stunned when he stopped, turned and smiled directly at me. That was when I received my testimony that God talks to his prophets because there was no other way in that group of people he could have known I was the one who shouted. I love the prophets.